You are not alone anymore


Many…most…do suffer



Humans…I helped them for years.

Dogs…cats…others….they suffer.

Many alone.

They have fear, desperation…trauma.

You may not know it…but we are connected to them all.

Your world has crashed before. Remember? Somehow…you have lasted until now and maybe things are okay once again.

The people and systems around you and hard work and time passing made you okay.

You didn’t do it alone. You can’t do it yourself on survival mode.

Maybe for awhile…until it becomes too much and then you crack.

Animals can’t say “I need help.”

You have got to be whole if you want to help them. You were okay once to ask for help. I know that’s always been hard for me and that probably held me back some.

Some…they just need a little bit of comfort. YOU have been through some unbearable…unfathomable events…and you are still standing.

Reach out.

Find them.

Share what you have.

Thank you for supporting Fozzie Brands.

Thank you for softening your heart.

Thank you for your prayers for the little ones who lack hope and deliverance.

Feed Them All™

We DO.

(Every purchase helps feed shelter dogs

With inflation being at an all-time high, shelters are really starting to feel the effects.

The cost of dog food, medicine, grooming supplies, and much more has skyrocketed leaving these shelters with no choice but to turn down incoming pups).

Picture of Michael Dusa

Michael Dusa

I devote my efforts to helping homeless shelter animals and no-kill shelters wherever the need was found.

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  1. I think that everything you are doing is completely amazing. What you have done is kept the animals we have all loved still alive in our hearts. I remember when you lost Fozzie and I related to you so much when I lost my Siberian Husky, Toby. The Fozzy company represents every one of us that have loved a pet, and by building this company you are keeping everything about them alive forever. The hardest thing about having a pet is knowing that one day you will have to let them go, but you and your company have gone the step farther and kept them going. I just love watching this company grow everyday. Never stop what you are doing. The fozzy company is just amazing.

    1. Thanks Dave! We do our level best…by working together with fine people like YOU…to attain the Greatest Good…to feed them ALL.

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