About Us

The Fozzie Company

Hi! My name is Dr. Michael Dusa, and I spent many years helping humans live better lives through good health practices in my successful chiropractic clinic. Unfortunately, after suffering a bad injury to my right arm and wrist, I was forced to retire from practice after 15 years.

At the midpoint of my life, I made the decision to totally switch gears and devote my efforts to helping homeless shelter animals and no-kill shelters wherever the need was found.

Fozzie Brand gear saves dog lives, honors those who wear it and save them, and it is made to last.tm

When I adopted Fozzie, he was half his proper body weight. His hair was matted and so long it touched the floor. You could easily feel his bones sticking out. He even had fleas! But Fozzie was not dispirited from the abuse and lack of care he suffered. He still loved every human he met – especially me.

Shelter animals-especially when you save them and give them loving, forever homes-KNOW that you saved them. They know that you care and that you have given them the chance they deserve to have a happy life.

Fozzie lived until age 20 and he gave me 14 wonderful years, but when he died, there was a huge gap and sadness in my life.

Go for the greatest possible good

I knew there were many more-millions-of homeless shelter animals out there, many of whom would never get the chance to live a life like Fozzie did.

That is why I started The Fozzie Company.

Each purchase you make of Fozzie Brand items from our company helps to support a homeless shelter animal or no-kill shelter in need.

The work never ends. Most shelters are week to week or even day to day as far as having enough food to manage care for all the animals, not to mention medical procedures, medicines, and overheads.

Through our efforts and your help in supporting The Fozzie Company, we continue to make great strides to FEED THEM ALL™.