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At Fozzie, we are building a strong community of people looking to make a difference in the lives of our furry friends. We love highlighting our members, and their experience with Fozzie, so if you want to be featured on our site, be sure to tag us on your posts on Facebook and Instagram with #FozzieFeatures!

The Fozzie Company flag
“Rocky also gets my last bite of whatever I am eating as well but not a swap of my beer.”
Frank Capallupo, Fozzie Friend and former Mr. America winner
Everyday we should have a goal to make a difference in someone’s life.
To transfer sone of the knowledge and power we’ve accumulated in whatever our field of expertise is in.
Everyday I strive to try to give someone a chance who just needed a hand up…
Whether it be with knowledge, confidence or inspiration.
You’re a good man Lance and so is Michael Dusa.
Always trying to make a difference and never being complacent.
🙏🏼🙏🏼John Defendis, Fozzie Founding Member

“When you’re an animal person, you feel that no one can empathize with you more than another animal lover.

“As I go through the inevitable with Zak, all of my “animal” friends are reaching out in full support, and it comforts me no end. I have a new friend, Michael Dusa, and he runs a group called The Fozzie Company, which is named after his dog that passed.

“His mission is simple: feed them all.

“Please investigate his company, consider joining, or consider making a purchase.

“I’m fully behind his cause, and I’m proud to have him as a friend.

“Today, he sent me a picture of something he had made for me, and it’s already invaluable. It choked me up to see it.”

Fozzie Founding Member and Friend, Al Santiago

“Good evening everyone please help feed them all. We must take care of the animals, that are homeless in this world. This is one of my favorite clothing lines. And also helps feed homeless dogs and…Friend and Fozzie Founding Member, Allan P. Greenson

FOZZIE thanks ALL kind members  for being part of the community. Our numbers are strong and growing…the most necessary thing in order to accomplish THE MISSION…to Feed Them All™

“The Fozzie Company…I love Their MISSION…to Feed Them All…and these are very high quality products!-The Honorable Thomas A. Else, Chicago

“Hi! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to share Fozzie’s message. We will share photos soon! 🐾🦴💪🏻“…Founding Fozzie Member, Tracy Linn

I absolutely love what you are doing!! You responded so quickly. I am very impressed. In this world right now, there aren’t many that would do what you do for these pour souls our of the goodness of your heart! Hopefully the rest of us can help you spread the word and we can get them all fed! Thank you for Fozzie! Many blessings!-Fozzie Member, Terri Hammond

If you are looking to provide some unique wardrobe items for the ones you love, and at the same time make a real difference in the lives of hungry pets in shelters around the globe, you could do no better than making a purchase from The Fozzie Company!

A portion of each purchase goes to feed a hungry dog or cat waiting for rescue. Please help us. #feedthemall

-Mark Lovelace

“I absolutely love my Fozzie shirts. They fit perfect and the colors are awesome. I am a huge animal lover and it really makes me feel good that everytime I buy something from this company, a portion goes to the feeding of a needy dog or even a cat.”

-Lance Stranahan

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” Fantastic company benefitting abandoned and forgotten animals by using their sales to feed every animal within their reach. Quality merchandise and personal customer service. Super quick shipping! The Fozzie Company is spreading love and hope to animals who may have otherwise perished from starvation and never knowing love. Great cause, great company!!”
-Karen Nagy-Torello
Happy pug dog

“Thanks to all of our many, wonderful Fozzie members, Fozzie is feeding 10X the number of hungry, homeless dogs and cats in much less than one year out from his first month of business, THAT is how we will Feed Them All™” 

“Bella is winding down these days, not sure if she’ll be with us another year, but she’s with us today and I do believe she’s happy and comfortable 😽❤️…”

Fozzie member and friend, Ken Viele

Love my shirts Mike!!!! Thank you Fozzie!!!!!!…Tim Kimber, Co-Founder, Gold’s Gym International

I love animals and want to help them as well, like my friend Michael Dusa is doing with his Fozzie Company.

His business takes a portion of all proceeds and it goes to feeding dogs, cats and shelter animals.

He is improving the lives of beings and I admire that. If we all helped others in some form or another, the world would be a better place.

Certainly that’s what the Creator would want for us. So, we should first take care of ourselves, then our loved ones and possibly do something to improve the lives of others. That’s what I feel is right.-Lance Stranahan, Fozzie Founding Member and Friend.

Fozzie wants to Feed Them ALL.

Michael, Denise and Fozzie, thank you again for all you do!-Fozzie Founding Member, Terri Hammond

One of the premier animal shelters, turning no animal away, life saving medical procedures despite costs.
Truly a beautiful, well appointed facility having recently undergone a near 5 million dollar renovation/ location change.
The Fozzie Company, with the help of our many members, is happy to contribute to their noble efforts.
Feed Them All 🐶😺
Pic: Freckles the cat, up for adoption now!

“I got my keychain. I love it! Thank you so much.

“It’s just the best picture of the most angelic cat. He really was a wonderful companion…

“ Toby was a co-worker’s cat and they had two dogs and a new baby and couldn’t keep him so I took him for my daughter. He was about two at the time and we had him for about 14 years….❤️😺

Fozzie Founding member and friend , Alyssa Bickler


Fozzie…he is not the only one.

He…you…WE…are not alone.

There are others, you know.

My dear sister, Deborah P. Mahon…runs a big company, three boys a husband -every cat she sees…all benefit from her love and care.

She even built a house in back of her house for cats to come by and stay. You know…a “Cat Hotel.”

Doesn’t mean she doesn’t see raccoons, opossums and a bird or two taking shelter.


“Most people don’t think about animals as creatures with emotions or sentient in any way.

“They allow them to suffer and turn a blind eye in favor of an extra shot of expresso in their Starbucks caffe latte.

“Immune or intentionally blind to the many unwed and unhomed Animals who need help.

“Fozzie is helping.

“That’s why.”

Dana Landin, Fozzie Member and Friend

“I believe FOZZIE will succeed because you have a pure goal behind you!

“No one should go hungry, especially not innocent creatures! Thank you so much!

“That is so generous of FOZZIE! I will definitely spread the word! I also have a bunny friend of Gizmo’s named Obi, who would love to spread the word as well!-Michelle Ann, Founding Fozzie Member and friend to all the little ones

“Sure, you may post my letter to Fozzie my friend. It’s my pleasure to help your wonderful organization.” Fozzie Friend and Founding Member, Kris Krodel

Fozzie wants you to extend yourself in love and kindness today.

“Ever loved a dog so much you thought you’d die without him ? Me too ,then it happens
Death takes them from us
So many helpless hungry orphaned pets,still alive,know why ? People like Michael Dusa and Denise Lillo Vecchio and their supporting cast , stepping into the abyss to feed those that have been discarded
Please , step out with me and let go of a few dollars to support this wonderful calling
They have answered .
It’s an honor to actually be part of feeding them all with some of  the #fozzie
Proceeds from this crazy cool gear go to the mouths of hungry animals
This is purpose
this is a animals life you will be apart of saving
we together can feed them all
Thank you for reading
Bless you

“The Fozzie Pups On Parole Program™…created by Dr. Dusa where, in affiliation with FozzieCorp, shelters and rescues “Loan out” a pup for a day to a prospective new adopter/family, and they take the little one all around for their day’s doings. Then they decide to adopt…and if it’s not a good match, they run a livestream video from their computer (Featuring the pup, onscreen), extolling the virtues of it to friends and family. This unique and special program of Fozzie’s promises to liberate legions of homeless little ones to find new, loving forever homes.”

“We Love Repping Fozzie internationally❤️


Because, as I’ve said, even if I have to do it personally, we’ll get your Fozzie to you.

Like my friend of years, Pete Grasso. Pete’s a good guy and friend and I’ve known him for decades.

Pete had a big order of Fozzie, and the F.R.E.D. Series of Fozzie products have not been delivered to the warehouse yet. I was glad to personally deliver his other items, plus, on my “ to do” list today was “ make a new friend/ contact an old one “… so Pete was a great opportunity.

No blaming… supply chain, postal, any of that.

To the dozens who ordered in the past ten days and haven’t received their Fozzie delivery: we’re working on this now. We’ll get it done.

Thank you all for supporting Fozzie and Feeding MORE

“ I tell my children and students, kindness costs nothing. It should always be our default.”

Friend and Fozzie supporter, Joe Anheuser

“Today marks 2 Years since receiving my kidney transplant ….God is good!”

Fozzie member and a friend of decades, Andrew Masto

The last of the Fozzie Holiday Fun boxes go out today to families and their pets in dire need of hope.
**Thanks **again to all our wonderful Fozzie members who not only referred these souls to us, but also for continuing to purchase Fozzie gear- doing so fuels his exploits for the Highest Possible Good.
We can’t wait until these are delivered.
Tere is a LOT of pathology out there, Fozzie Friends.
So much so…you can choke on it if you don’t plot an effective course that heralds you through it, unfettered by it.
You, me…Fozzie. We are the great counterbalance to it. Our building and helping and restoring builds a conduit over which we can trod, avoid the pathology….and lift up the others wherever they fall into our sphere of influence.
The Fozzie Box gets opened- and then there is light🙏❤️
Feed Them All

In Argentina, there’s a restaurant called: Restobar Dickens, with a sign saying:

We ask all our customers with all our hearts not to be upset by the number of dogs 🐕 (stray) that may be in the restaurant.

We are a pet friendly place and we give water, food and lots of love to these sweet angels. 🐾

I’m sorry if it bothers you, but they’re not doing anything wrong, they’re just looking for food or shelter. 😔

Thank you very much!.. ♥️

Little Baby the schnauzer service dog…Fozzie found him  helping daddy Elias do his workout at the gym! This young man saved him so not only did we pull some Fozzie gear out of the Fozziemobile to give him, we automatically feed a shelter animal for a day on his behalf!

Feed Them All 🙏🐶❤️

Fozzie Member and friend Pete Ashe with Lady…” I rescued this fine pup Texas.” Well done, sir. Fozzie does salute you!

Finally sporting some Fozzie gear – Cashmere approves!-Fozzie Founding member Paul Sedlacek and Cashmere

If our server owns a dog- especially a rescue- Fozzie adds $10 to the tip❤️🐶

“I’m always rocking the Fozzie.”

Matt Bolduc, Friend and Fozzie Founding Member

He’s never left me.

Fozzie is alive every day

With me

He’s all around me.

He’s sent all over the country

He’s propagates the Greatest Good.

But still… in my deepest, darkest, most private moments… when I’m alone… at night

Early morning

The deep sadness is there.

How do I go on?

We work daily through him to Feed Them All

Love my new Fozzie FRED shirt Doc!!



3 simple words drive everything we do at The Fozzie Company.

They are the reason we go to work each day.

They are also the reason our loyal members and customers wear our products and support THE MISSION.

We believe in these 3 words.


Do you?

“I actually was approached by a nice lady all the way out in Vegas. Looked at me and said “Fozzie!” He is becoming known for feeding them all far and wide!” –Mark Lovelace

“Everywhere we go, it seems anyone of any consequence knows who Fozzie is and they also know of THE MISSION to Feed Them All™”

“As a Fozzie Member, you are not so much purchasing great Fozzie products…but more so you acquire THE MISSION to Feed Them All. YOU have impact in the life of a homeless shelter animal in need.”-Dr. Michael Dusa and Fozzie

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“Who’d have thought, FOZZIE, a little dog, a side kick, a long time pet and family member of Dr Michael DUSA’S would actually become what I see as a Hero?

“A little guy who lives a long dog life of 20 years, who’s life was so missed. So loved by Michael that in FOZZIE’S honor, a business is formed to help FEED shelter animals in need.

“And throughout our country, there are millions in need of food, care and a home.


“This is FOZZIE’S purpose now that FOZZIE is gone, FOZZIE’S spirit and the Love Michael had for Little FOZZIE continues to give Love and help to other Shelter animals all in FOZZIE’S name.

“Feed them all means everything to those animal lives and don’t you know it, all those shelter staff members too.

“Buying stuff from FOZZIE Company helps FEED THEM ALL.”

Gary Miller, Fozzie Friend and Founding member

Thank you,it is a pleasure to be a part of such a great community of caring and knowledgeable people, looking forward to working with all in the future, Fozzie Forever❤️🐈🐕-Mark Brunozzi

You don’t have to walk alone
Love Them In Eternity
His last day. I took a walk with my boy. Interestingly, he…on his last day…was still able to forage through grocery shopping bags left on kitchen floor on his day of passing. Funny…he pulled out a package of Cheddar Rice Cakes. I have those stored in our freezer …forever. I drew this picture that day after he was gone- through tears. Its special to me.
I often get asked “How on Earth will you ever feed them ALL?”
I just tell ’em…..I keep going until I am gone…and then Fozzie’s has really great people to KEEP GOING.
So, Keep Going.
Feed Them All™

Me and my buddy Frodo wearing my Fozzie beanie. Buy feed them all.

Allan P. Greenson

“Rockin my Fozzie shirt…FEED THEM ALL!””

Top Fozzie member Laura Falcetti

Little kids LOVE Fozzie💚❤️♥️!

My Fiance’s 7 year old pitty rescue Samaelle a.k.a The Tank!…she may be deaf but she is as delicate as rose petal❤️…and she LOVES her Fozzie hat!

“What makes you happy? Fozzie wants ALL in his sphere of influence…all that he can control…to have good, fresh food daily. I think he can do this. I think…he…all of us…can be happy.”-Dr. Michael Dusa, as told to him by Fozzie…:)

“With Fozzie’s rapid growth, more and more food deliveries go out ( along with monetary allotments, depending on each separate circumstance), and the company is looking to purchase a bigger and more appropriate delivery vehicle.

“I can’t thank you all enough for your Fozzie membership and your very kind referrals🐶🐶Dr. Michael Dusa and Fozzie

“Fozzie is a noble endeavor by Dr Dusa and his legion of members to stamp out animal hunger everywhere. I applaud them all for this great success.”-Lance Stranahan

The great thing about “We Wear Red Until All Are Fed™” is with each purchase…instead of one shelter animal being fed for a day…you feed TWO!
Maximum Impact!

“Every living things deserves the dignity to, in the least, have enough to eat each day. Why I love Fozzie and all the members…they all work to save the animals!”-Lee Maiorano 

Thanks to you!
Feed Them All

“Great company, Feed Them All”-Allan P. Greenson

“Fozzie has done remarkable things and he has changed the lives of 2 and 4 legged creatures everywhere.” –Dr. Eileen Denny

“Fozzie members came through and ordered enough product to enable Fozzie to contribute a check for $500 to Animal Haven to go towards surgical bills from little pup Odie’s neurosurgery. Thank YOU!-Dr. Michael Dusa and Fozzie 

“Save the animals!”-Lee Maiorano

“Not a single creature deserves to go hungry. Not a one.”-John Defendis


“Grandkids Christian & Krista representing with the Fozzie gear!” –Mark Lovelace, Founding Fozzie Member and friend

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“This company is a huge difference maker! In a world of misery for many pets, the Fozzie Co. is looking to #feedthemall , and bring some joy to the existences of dogs and cats that otherwise will languish in shelters unloved, uncared for, and unfed. I rate the Fonzie Co. 5 out of 5 stars for the strength of the mission, the quality of the products, and the outstanding customer service that accompanies each transaction.” -Mark Lovelace

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“Favorite thing about The Fozzie Company is that they support local animal shelters!” –Francisco J

“The Fozzie Company “Wear red until all are fed! “Wearing my FRED gear for Valentine’s Day” Fozzie Founding member, Alyssa Bickler

“We Wear RED Until ALL Are FED.”

“Being heavily involved in rescue, I can’t begin to say enough good things about the Fozzie Company! Fozzie’s innovative approach is a breath of fresh air in the rescue arena. They have a great mission and will, no doubt, be an integral contributor to the cause. I am honored to be a small cog in this wheel of success and predict great things coming out of Fozzie for years to come. Check it out! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.” –Corrine Hayes ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“the fozzie company is very generous and feeds shelter animals with every purchase 😀 the shirt I purchased is very soft and comfortable. makes me.happy knowing that the animals will eat every day 🥰” –Beckie Braccidiferro ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“You can be the hero to a homeless shelter animal in need.”⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“The Fozzy Company is such an amazing and worthy cause. Their #1 goal is the ensure all dogs (and cats) don’t go hungry, by advocating and educating. They also offer a wide variety of high quality Fozzie apparel, with the proceeds used to Feed Them All.”Lisa Thorn

“5 out of 5. So many animals that are in Shelters that need love and attention. Fozzie would be proud. Everyone should know the love and gratitude of a rescued dog or cat and Fozzie brings awareness.” -Brad Brehm ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“Great high quality products for a great cause! Nothing could be better than the mission to feed them all. We all can agree that shelter pets need our support. Fozzie products are a fun and stylish way to show your support.” –Alyssa Bickler

I love animals and I love this cause! Fozzie is all about saving lives and I am all about Fozzie! Let’s feed em all!” –Dr. Aaron Whitten⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

How we will.
Find puppy mills and dog fighting rings (In some ways, one is as bad as the other). Report them. Have them shut down. Its what we do.
See a stray or a cat or dog that is wandering and looking out of place?
Maybe its lost, abandoned…it may have a microchip. Maybe it belongs to someone. Maybe someone threw it away. Call animal control. Sometimes, they are too slow to respond. Try to capture and help the animal yourself.
An estimated 10 million dogs and cats get lost in the United States every year.
Get yours microchipped. You can save a life and a lifetime of anguish.
Most shelters are day-to-day in finances. Money is needed for medicines, surgeries, supplies, overhead…FOOD.
Almost ALL of them hurt in these ways…I see it every day. You can even donate time. Do something.
Got a pet? Gifted one? That is your family member for LIFE. No matter what. No excuses. I will say no more because at Fozzie, these tenets are non-negotiable.
We love ’em
all…but…ADOPT before shopping at a pet store.
The pounders are the first to receive a death sentence if they are not homed.
It is Saturday morning, and we are on our way out now.
Vehicle is filled with food, treats, toys, Fozzie gear (If we espy someone with a dog and-especially if it is a rescue-we give ’em a hat or shirt or wristband or sticker…sometimes all…to encourage more of this goodness).
Sometimes, we see terrible sadness. It’d be easier to avoid such…stay in…it’s cold out now after all. That is not how Fozzie Rolls.
Buy Fozzie. No other way to put it. It takes a ton of money to get things done.
Feed Them All™

“Fozzie is not afraid to give as much as he can, and to as many as he can. He knows the importance of decreasing the rampant pathology that is hunger…everywhere. He feels if you, me, and he are less pathologic…in time…all pathology…and HUNGER…will be GONE.”

“Thanks to Fozzie’s great members and their support, referrals and generosity, Fozzie is now able to present a BIG CHECK to a worthy hunger-recipient each week! Thank you!”

“And then there came the day where Fozzie’s eyesight became too poor. His painful little joints ached and made him cry. His weight cut in half just like when I adopted him as a starved matted little one but STILL a happy one. But there was no nefarious deadly process afoot inside. There was no cancer, infection or genetic infarct. It was just his time. He did enough in this realm. I still had a hand in giving him his last grooming as you see me here with him on the couch…the groomer was no longer able. His first meal with me was stolen pizza on the run (In my head I was like “RUN Fozzie…and chomp away!”) and his last was peanut butter licked off my fingers. He never turned down a meal! I was determined that he had maintained his dignity until the end. Animals know. They really do.”-Dr. Michael Dusa

“I have nothing but respect for you Brother and the work you do… To say thank you is just not enough 🐾🐾🐾🐾…”-Fozzie Friend and Founding Member, Paul “Poseidon” Seroka

“I love my Fozzie gear, it’s high quality and extremely comfortable but more than that I love the mission to Feed Them All. If we all just pitched in a little we can make a huge difference in the lives of these animals”

-Eric Schwartz, Owner, Paw Power Nutrition

“For me…Fozzie was my all-time champ!”-Dr. Michael Dusa

“At Fozzie, we are building a strong community of people looking to make a difference in the lives of our furry friends.”-Denise Vecchio

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“Great company great cause!” -Marc A South

“It’s about the dogs!! God bless The Fozzie Company, helping those in desperate need. Awesome awesome people.” –Randy Woody ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Fozzie Company isn’t just about the highest quality clothing and merchandise, rather it’s about the highest calling. While my girlfriend and I love our Fozzie crew necks and beanies, it’s more than just the awesome apparel. Your purchase answers a most noble cause, to FEED THEM ALL! Fozzie honors it’s namesake by feeding rescue animals, and won’t stop until all have been fed. How cool is that!?

-Joe Anheuser

“This company is a huge difference maker! In a world of misery for many pets, the Fonzie Co. is looking to #feedthemall , and bring some joy to the existences of dogs and cats that otherwise will languish in shelters unloved, uncared for, and unfed. I rate the Fonzie Co. 5 out of 5 stars for the strength of the mission, the quality of the products, and the outstanding customer service that accompanies each transaction.” –Mark Lovelace ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“I highly recommend The Fozzie Company-a company with a wonderful mission- and that is the donation of a portion of their sales proceeds to support homeless hungry shelter dogs and also the no- kill shelters themselves- many of which actually have a very hard time keeping their food stores adequately stocked. Like the president and founder of The Fozzie Company, Dr Michael Dusa promises: FEED THEM ALL!” -Denise Lillo Vecchio

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“the Fozzie Company is a great way to help our friends who cannot help themselves. In return we get some cool hats and shirts to help spread the word. Mike’s vision to help feed homeless dogs and cats is well underway and you don’t want to miss out on one of the best charities I can think of.” –Jeff Geldean

I graduated high school with Denise Lillo Vecchio and Michael Dusa is her love. They are doing great things together thought you would love to know!! Just bought my first The Fozzie Company shirt!!💕Melissa Los Browning

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”I’ve watched as the heartache of losing his companion, that had been by his side through the trenches of life turned to an unyielding quest to honor his fallen friend, and to FEED THEM ALL. Dr. Dusa has spent a lifetime between flame and anvil , always choosing the road less traveled. If you have a heart for animals and wish there was a way to help, you’ve found a worthy and steadfast steward in Dr. Dusa.”
-Chad Bear Fletcher