Fozzie Goes To Portugal!

Fozzie is most thankful to all of his wonderful members who buy products

that help feed homeless shelter animals, refer other like-minded friends and

family members to join the Fozzie Mission, and do their best to help Feed Them All™!

Fozzie Founding member Alyssa Bickler of Florida is a great example of this.

She’s been a supporter from the start, has referred many others to

become members and forward The Mission, and dons her Fozzie gear everywhere.

Here, you can see she brought Fozzie all the way out to Portugal!

Thank you Alyssa!

Hunger knows no borders.

You, too, can be the hero to a homeless shelter animal in need.

Feed Them All™

Picture of Michael Dusa

Michael Dusa

I devote my efforts to helping homeless shelter animals and no-kill shelters wherever the need was found.

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  1. I am very happy to spread the word! I wear my Fozzie gear proudly wherever I go, most recently on a Bahamas cruise. Let’s FEED THEM ALL!

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