Terri Hammond🐶❤️

Terri is a new Fozzie member, but she has quickly made quite an impact.

While we are still only in our 8th month of sales in 19 months since FOZZIECORP inception, Terri dropped the biggest Fozzie purchase to date, just today!

I just had to ask her if it was okay if I mentioned this to all our Fozzies:

“Whatever works! Tell the beautiful Denise I say hi!! Love all the wedding pictures! Beautiful family!”

It’s is important that I stress that Terry didn’t contribute so I’d tout her and her majestic efforts. She is of the ilk that…well…this is just how she runs her life. She just wants…the goodness.

I had to tell her (Some of our best people have experienced the same):

“Terri…let me check inventory…that’s a huge order and many items…just wanna make sure Fozzie can deliver…”


“Honestly, I’m not even worried about the order. Anything would go to the homeless anyway so if you don’t have them it’s OK.”

(A little background info from her: “Awesome! How about I purchase 25 and I can give them to one of the homeless shelters for this coming winter… There is one my son worked with for his Eagle Scout…”)

Understand…what Fozzie does is wonderful, very fulfilling and NEEDED. However…it’s still business, and running it, like any other, is brutal in many aspects.

It is always important to remember just WHAT our end result is we seek:

Putting some healthy food into the tummy of a hungry little one…somewhere.

Terri sees that…the goal had crystallized long ago for her…:

“Honestly, whatever you do or don’t is fine by me Sad, hungry, defeated …it all breaks my heart. Just want to do better myself.”

Check out her rescue pup, little Peanut, pictured:

“She is Peanut. Before we got HER, We were told she was a boy She is a nut! Chihuahua/ terrier mix. No one wanted her. She is a mess but I love her!”

THAT’S IT!^^^^^

That is what Fozzie is all about.

Everyone should be wanted.

Everyone should have enough to eat.

Finding love so all can have that, too.

Terri works with Ultra Fit Founder and bodybuilding legend and, of course, Fozzie Founding member, John DeFendis. If you know JD at all, he is another fellow of the very finest of cloth who gets it DONE…helping tens of thousands of people in his career live better lives.

That’s why Terri is of his league of extraordinary humans that lift the others.

Terri just thought she’d bring some of that love over to Fozzie.

Terri, thank you so much. I and Fozzie do salute you. You have contributed to a check going to Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter this week!

Feed Them All™

The Fozzie “Member of the Month” Receives a $25.00 Gift Card to PetCo!

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Michael Dusa

I devote my efforts to helping homeless shelter animals and no-kill shelters wherever the need was found.

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