Like you, I am often up against it. You know…the soul-grinding stuff that presents as life. It’s easy to get down. The sky…it’s gray! Stuff not done….

But then, Fozzie and the crew get messages like this heartfelt one from Fozzie Member and friend, Dana Landin:

” Oh my gosh and I wanted to tell you,. I was unpacking and I found the gift cards that you and Fozzie gave us!

“Fozzie and Dr. Dusa, We want to thank you for helping us get Daisy Mae a much -needed harness. I have sewn her old one so many times, but she really needed something safer and cooler in this heat.

“Most people don’t think about animals as creatures with emotions or sentient in any way. They allow them to suffer and turn a blind eye in favor of an extra shot of expresso in their Starbucks caffe latte. Immune or intentionally blind to the many unfed and un-homed Animals who need help.

“Fozzie is helping!. You and he have helped US.!

“Daisy is a small dog and we had to move the trailer because the city protested its original placement. The stress of all the moving around was showing on her harness.

“We needed something sturdy ((Alyssa was over yesterday and it reminded me of the gift cards Fozzie included in our Fun Box when she commented on Daisy’s need for a proper harness).

“With the gift cards Fozzie provided us, we also got Daisy good, healthy food and, of course…a treat!”

Dana Landin

We get such messages with increasing frequency, and they certainly do LIFT! Remember, dear members…you are the OXYGEN.

You breathe life renewed into the hungry and disenfranchised.

You pack true impact with indelible PUNCH.


He does salute you

Feed Them All™

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Michael Dusa

I devote my efforts to helping homeless shelter animals and no-kill shelters wherever the need was found.

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