The Surgery That Saved Little Odie’s Life!

“Thank you to the amazing  The Fozzie Company who gave us $500 towards Odie’s medical bills ! (Odie had a severe spinal malformation that if not

Surgically repaired, the little boy would not be long for this world)

” The Fozzi Company sells great fun merchandise, and a portion of these sales helps shelters feed homeless dogs as well as helps with animals who have been abused, neglected and surrendered.

“Thank you so much for always having our back and being as real as they come!

“Going to pick up our Odie Bears 🐻 now so I will update everyone and so grateful for every penny donated toward our little boy!”

-The Animal Haven, North Haven, Ct

Thank you for your support of The Fozzie Company. Through you, we can FEED THEM ALL™.

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Michael Dusa

I devote my efforts to helping homeless shelter animals and no-kill shelters wherever the need was found.

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