Your FOZZIE GEAR purchases will feed 334 cats for a day!

Through our first days sales of Fozzie Company products, the apportioned amounts of funds put towards homeless cats at no- kill Animal Haven in North Haven, Ct bought 1,336 ounces of cat food!

The average cat:

*Requires 25 calories per pound/day

*Weighs about 10 pounds

*Daily caloric need is about 250 calories

*4 ounce cup/ dry food is about 250 calories

That is how we calculated the average amount of food a cat eats in a day

Buy purchasing great, smile-inducing, high-quality Fozzie items that are made to last, you were the hero to the 334 cats who be fed for a day !

Naturally, if there were only 10 cats, you’d have fed them for a month: -MATH!

So, let’s keep going! There is always lots of work to do….until there isn’t!

Fozzie and the crew thank  you!

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Michael Dusa

I devote my efforts to helping homeless shelter animals and no-kill shelters wherever the need was found.

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    1. Thanks Mark. Absolutely! Whilst many do continue to suffer, even while we work to allay such…we constantly made strides forward to ease the suffering of the little ones. Success!

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